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RockyMounts Warrant U-Lock
  • RockyMounts Warrant U-Lock
  • RockyMounts Warrant U-Lock
  • RockyMounts Warrant U-Lock
  • RockyMounts Warrant U-Lock

RockyMounts Warrant U-Lock


Heavy-duty U-lock helps safeguard your bike against theft. 

Features a 14-mm thick shackle and hardened steel construction for superior protection. Silicon overmold protects your bike from dings and enhances grip.

Serious bike lock security is challenging for two reasons. First, useful high security locks are generally very heavy, making portability a major issue. Second, if you have manageable high security, the design must be useful in real life applications. Enter the RockyMounts Warrant U-Lock. With more of a square-shaped "U" in the 14mm hardened steel shackle, the Warrant offers greater locking usefulness and rates out at a seriously stout Security Level of 8.

The dimple key and cylinder design is simple and easy to use, and contributes to the overall security rating. Three keys provided allow you to store one in your sock drawer for safe keeping. RockyMounts covers the shackle and lock stock with molded silicon, which offers great grip in wet or dry conditions, something you will thankful for when handling this beast. The Warrant was also designed for potential pocket use, with a shackle size of 79mm x 130mm, though we recommend reinforced stitching.

The internal shackle shape of the Warrant caught our eye from the get-go. Compact, high-security u-locks can be less useful than desired, but the squared off shape offers more usable space.

Product Features

  • 14mm Hardened Steel Shackle
  • Shackle Size 79mm x 130mm
  • Security Rating 8
  • Heavy Duty U-lock resists the toughest attacks.  
  • Entire Lock is overmolded with Silicon for great feel and bike protection
  • Includes 3 Dimple Keys
  • Easy to put in back pocket, hang on handlebars or place in messenger bag/backpack.

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