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Rhino Track Mount System

Adapt your camper shell, hard tonneau, or hardtop resin roof to carry gear with this track mounted roof-rack system. 

The Rhino-Rack Vortex Cap/Topper Trackmount Roof Rack system is permanently fixed to either a pickup Cap/Topper or hard top tonneau. This system uses the Rhino-Rack Vortex silver bar with tracks to complement the sleek stylish lines of your pickup while still incorporating the Rhino-Rack strength and durability that we are renowned for. The great benefit of this roof rack system is the ability to slide your cross bars along the track to accommodate various sized loads.

Product Features

  • Adjustable roof-rack system lets you carry gear on camper shells, hard tonneaus, or hardtop resin roofs without headliners
  • 2 RTC-style tracks with dual C-channels provide adjustable mounting points for roof-rack legs
  • Tracks mount to your vehicle roof with T-bolts - some drilling required
  • Stainless steel construction with an anti-corrosion coating
  • Endcaps provide finished look for the tracks
  • 4 Quick Mount legs mount in the channels of tracks to create mounting points for crossbars
  • Durable, glass-reinforced nylon construction
  • Quick-release trigger system allows for easy, tool-free installation
  • Squeeze internal triggers to release legs from bases
  • Slide triggers apart to secure legs to bases
  • Bases remain mounted to tracks
  • Locks in covers let you secure the system to your vehicle
  • Pivoting bases offer 33 degrees of adjustment to help level crossbars
  • Precision-molded inserts cover bases when the legs are removed
  • 2 Vortex Aero silver, elliptical crossbars hold ladder racks, conduit cases and other work accessories
  • Bars mount to roof-rack legs using built-in channels on bottoms of bars
  • Lightweight, structural-grade, extruded aluminum construction for strength, durability and maximum carrying capability
  • Built-in C-channel on top of each bar lets you mount Rhino-Rack accessories and carriers
  • Rubber strips in the channels help to cushion load and provide slip resistance
  • Can be cut to accommodate track-mounted accessories and carriers

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