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RockyMounts BackStage Swing


The Backstage is the first swing-away style platform receiver rack that is properly executed.

First, the Backstage is only for 2-bike use with a 2" receiver mount. There are no options to add another tray, nor is there a 1¼" receiver version. Second, the Backstage's cantilevered arm swings out 42", which is long enough for every SUV, pick-up, and van tested. Unless you have an 8' wide flatbed or RV, or a Hummer H1, you should be good to go. The sheer convenience of having full access to the back of your vehicle, with a 2-bike rack that can carry 2 bikes, up to 60lbs per bike, with tires up to 5" wide and wheelbase up to 48" means that just about every standard adult bike, from road race to fat bike can be accommodated.

The Backstage still functions like a standard platform receiver rack. When empty you can use the front easy release lever to fold the rack up to 90°, or when loaded, can still tilt down and away 30° for quick back of vehicle access. The standard spacing between the two bike trays is 12", but you have 3" of lateral movement of each tray. For ease of use and frame damage prevention the ratcheting hooks on the pivoting upright arms hold your bikes securely by the front wheels with zero frame contact. Both front and rear wheel cradles are large enough to make use simple and easy when loading bikes. The pivoting rear wheel cradles have ratcheting straps that adjust to fit bikes of most lengths, while the extra-long wheel straps accommodate fat bike tires up to 5" wide.

Basically the Rocky Mounts Backstage 2-Bike Rack takes everything that is great about their receiver racks, and adds the stout construction required for the swing-away feature. This is the 2" receiver rack that many riders have been dreaming of. Now you can wake up and have one.

Product Features

  • Hitch-mounted, Swing-away, platform-style bike rack carries up to 2 bikes
  • Swing away feature clears 42", works with vast majority of vehicle
  • For 2" receivers only, and NOT upgradable for additional bike(s)
  • Full feature receiver rack, fold up, tilts down and away
  • Two carrier trays spaced at 12", with 3" of adjustment possible
  • Each carrier has a 60lb max weight capacity, 48" max wheelbase
  • Can carry wheel sizes from 20-29", upto to 5" wide
  • Anti-rattle hitch pin system, with hand tension control knob to stabilize rack
  • Hitch pin lock and integrated cable lock supplied, with lock cores and keys
  • Dimensions: 54.8" wide, 10" from hitch pin to start of tray
  • Durable steel & aluminum construction w/ rust nonresistant powdercoat finish

Product Specs

Superior Adventure Gear